Magdalene is mainly an analogue practitioner. Her art focuses on the unconscious rather than the conscious; the hidden rather than the apparent. She particularly seeks things that are concealed in the detached world. She loves using alternative photographic processes and practices. Her subjects of research reach out to the intangibility of photography. 

Her latest research explores the subject of dreams in relation to water. Water is like a mirror. Yet, its reflection is never a simulacrum. Water creates its own unique eye-deceiving constellations of colour; illusions. Water is also a versatile element that is subject to constant change. It can be tangible or intangible; solid or fluid; visible or invisible. Its own state can be a visual deception.

In dreams the unconscious reflects our emotions, thoughts, and fears. Yet, these reflections are never exact replicas of our state of mind. They are simply momentary configurations of its fragments. Dreams can be vivid or faint; lucid or muddled; calming or unsettling. But they can never be whole. Remembering dreams in their entirety is an illusion. Magdalena’s recent research merges dreams and water in a coherent photographic and audio-visual work that attempts to capture contrasting, unpredictable and often deceiving forms. Her intention is to replicate an immersive experience and to visualize intangibility. The exhibition space functions as an ephemeral visual canvas of the mind; similar to dreams as the projection surface of the unconscious. 

Her inspiration derives from her own dream experiences, while water has played a significant role in the early stages of her childhood and also in her adult life.

Magdalene was born in 1983 in Krakow, Poland. She is a photographer and artist who draws on various media, such as collage, video and installation. In 2005, as a student of Painting       at Cracow Academy of Frycz Modrzewski, she began combining photography and graphics, which later became the subject of her art investigation. In 2011, she moved to Edinburgh       where she attended the Foundation course at Edinburgh College in order to deepen her understanding of darkroom and photographic processes. In 2013, she started studying Fine Art Photography at the Glasgow School of Art. Together with fellow photographers Adam Gust and Michalina Henrys, she co-founded in Krakow, Poland the Collodion Collective PL,               of which she is a member. Her series of photographs "Stream of Gold" and "Photograms" have been exhibited in various photo festivals, such as the London Pinhole Festival,   PhotoIreland in Belfast, Photopatagonia in Argentina, and Revela-t in Catalonia.

Available for commissions and collaboration.


2016 Wet Plate & Salt Print workshop with Borut Peterlin, Barcelona, Spain.

2014 - 2018 Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, BA of Fine Art Photography

2011 - 2012 Edinburgh College, Edinburgh, Photography Foundation

2009 - 2010 Academy of Fine Arts Poznan, Undergraduate Photographic Program

2004 - 2008 Frycz Modrzewski Academy, Kraków - BA of Graphic Design